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Welcome and Introduction

Let's go Bug-Hunting!


Join us on Wednesday, November 28th, when we take a closer look at the Helvetas homepage in explorative test sessions. Learn from specialists and colleagues what you should pay attention to when testing web and mobile apps with regards to functionality, usability, portability and security. What are the elements and special challenges? What are the known pitfalls and where can you find the low-hanging fruits?

What to bring with you? Your mobile phone, a tablet and/or a laptop, a good portion of curiosity and enthusiasm to put a system through its paces.

What will you take away? Valuable tips and tricks for setting up and running successful exploratory test sessions, new ideas and the warm feeling of having tested for a good cause.

Exchange ideas with experts and colleagues and support the Helvetas relief organisation. Let’s go bug-hunting!





Adrian Häfeli

Senior Consultant, SwissQ Consulting


Adrian Häfeli

Adrian investiert sein Herzblut dafür, Produkte zu entwickeln, die den Bedürfnissen der Benutzer entsprechen. Er ist überzeugt, dass dies einer der wichtigsten Erfolgsfaktoren von Produkten ist und sich deshalb User Centered Design für den Benutzer und den Auftraggeber bezahlt machen.
Adrian hat mehr als 10 Jahre Berufserfahrung im Requirements Engineering, Interaction Design und Testing: unter anderem dem Usability-Testing. Adrian ist Dipl. Ing. Systemtechnik FH und MAS in Human Computer Interaction Design.



Veit Hailperin

Senior Security Engineer, AdNovum Informatik AG

Lightning Talk

Veit Hailperin

Veit Hailperin pentested companies from finance to insurance, from mom-and-pop-shop to government agencies for five years as consultant for two leading security consultancies in Switzerland. After not seeing enough progress in the reduction of vulnerabilities, he has turned his attention to researching problems (and the according solutions) that lead to security issues. He joined AdNovum’s security team, where he now pentests their custom solutions that are built in-house and works closely with the development teams.

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